Board Certification

  • Family Nurse Practitioner


She is licensed in the State of Maryland, and board certified by The American Nurse Practitioner Association. Petrel has worked in a myriad of facilities, and capacities in Maryland as a Nurse, and Nurse Practitioner including Johns Hopkins Emergency department, University of Maryland Emergency Department, MedStar Emergency Department, Adventist HealthCare Emergency Department, Family practice, Pediatric practice, and Occupational Medicine to name a few. She is qualified to diagnose and treat a wide array of conditions across the entire lifespan. Petrel Martin-Hall graduated from Coppin States University with her Bachelor Degree in Nursing and a Master’s Degree from Chamberlain University. She is board certified in Family Medicine and worked in and around Baltimore, MD during her residency. Her focus is to improve primary care. Her passions include patient access to affordable healthcare, cost-effective medicine, and ensuring that patients receive the appropriate care they deserve with or without insurance. Her personal, and professional values include, hard work, quality, honesty, integrity, dedication and to provide evidence base, holistic, and preventative care for all patients. When she’s not working, she enjoys time with her family and traveling.