Menocal Family Practice Celebrates 10 Years Of Dedicated Service

Menocal Family Practice Celebrates 10 Years Of Dedicated Service
These days, it is hard to find a doctor-owned practice with a solid reputation. In turn, the Menocal Family Practice is proud to be celebrating its tenth exemplary year in the industry.

Frederick, Maryland – November 1, 2016 – The New York Times reports that as recently as 2005, two-thirds of doctors owned their own practices.(1) In 2010 that number was just fifty percent, and it continues to fall. More and more doctors are turning to salaried jobs at hospitals and other more corporate structures. Yet there is one practice that sticks through it: the Menocal Family Practice run by Dr. Julio Jose Menocal. This practice has been in business for ten years, leaving many to question why it is resisting the trend towards public practices. The answer is simple: to help the minority youth. Many minority families and underserved individuals face too many barriers preventing them from sufficient healthcare.

But Dr. Menocal has gone beyond just ‘sufficient’ healthcare. He treats every patient with understanding and compassion. The practice accepts individuals from any background and even accepts uninsured patients at fair and affordable rates. As a side benefit, the practice administers free vaccinations offered through the VFC (Vaccines for Children) program. Today the Menocal Family Practice celebrates its 90,000th free vaccine given as well as its tenth year of helping patients in need. The vaccination rates for children living on the Golden Mile has multiplied by a factor of 5 in the past ten years under Menocal Family Practice’s supervision.

To make accepting this diverse group of patients possible, the Menocal Family Practice has incorporated patient benefits into the practice. For example, one-third of the schedule every day is set aside for walk-in patients, ensuring no one has to be turned away. One problem the practice has addressed from time to time is the issue of transport. Patients were missing appointments due to the inability to find adequate transportation, so Menocal Family Practice started to provide transportation to and from appointments to patients with special need. This amenity saves the practice from costly no-shows while guaranteeing that any patient can get to the care they need. The practice serves the Golden Mile and Frederick, Maryland community with offices in Hagerstown and Frederick. Most major insurance plans are accepted as well as Medicaid and self-pay options. The Menocal Family Practice looks forward to another decade or more of helping others.

About the Menocal Family Practice
The Menocal Family Practice was founded by Dr. Julio Jose Menocal in 2006 with the goal of helping as many people as possible. The practice started with a focus on immunizations, checkups, and physicals for children, soon grew to treat adults as well. Today the practice is proud to be partners with several esteemed medical groups including Valley Chiropractic and the Privia Medical Group, with the purpose to further improve the outstanding service the Practice gives the community.
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